I use traditional working methods when making my blades. My principle is that a good puukko is made of quality raw materials and a well proportioned blade which serves its use. The lines of the blade determine the shape of the handle. If the handle is not in line with the blade, the  mistake between the handle and the blade will stand out in the finished product. Therefore, making a streamlined high quality puukko is precise design work from the very beginning. For the finished product to be perfect, also the sheath and its decorations must go well together with the shape of the puukko.

From raw material to a finished product

Hammer, anvil, fire and steel. These are the basis of every puukko I make. After forging the blade, I grind it to proper measures using belt sander. After heat-treating the blade I sand it by hand. Then I give the finishing touch with leather and polishing paste to ensure the maximum sharpness.

The handles I design to be functional and weather resistant. I use tanned leather for the sheaths, each one designed and made specifically for each puukko. For the maasepän puukko (traditional countryside blacksmith’s puukko) I also make sheaths from birch bark, using a technique known only by few bladesmiths in Finland. As for the handles, I normally use wood native to Finland, like curly birch and birch bark. I use oil for the surface treatment, so the user can later add it on the handle as well as on the sheath when needed. I recommend oiling the sheath at least once a year, and the handle 1-2 times a year, depending on how often the puukko is used.

Most of my blades are made of carbon steel, but I also make blades of lamella and damascus.

In case you want additional information about my puukko, you can contact me from the ”contact” page or send e-mail to eero@eerokovanen.com