I grew up in a small village in Toivakka, Central Finland. Ever since I was a kid I have appreciated surrounding nature and the riches it can provide. Childhood in a countryside in peaceful surroundings has been an important source of inspiration for me, giving me new ideas and ways to work with my designs. ”How to make the design of this product even more simple, yet functioning and well proportioned? How to increase the value of the product without having to add anything that isn’t necessary?” I often find answers by thinking of the most natural solution possible and by using sheer common sense.

Having extensive knowledge of the materials is important. It’s difficult to design a functioning product if you don’t know the properties of the material and the different ways it can be used. Being curious about new techniques, technology, and materials helps the designer to stay attuned to the times. The techniques and working methods are becoming more and more ecological and effective, and designers are an important part of this process. I do my best to meet these principles in my own works.